Ellis Masters Accounts Payable

Ellis, as the head of accounts payable, is responsible for overseeing the financial transactions related to the company's purchases and expenses. This includes verifying and processing invoices, reconciling accounts, managing vendor relationships, and ensuring timely and accurate payment of bills. Ellis is also responsible for maintaining accurate records of all accounts payable transactions and producing reports to track spending and budgeting. In addition, Ellis may be responsible for managing a team of accounts payable professionals and ensuring their training and development to meet the needs of the company. Overall, Ellis plays a crucial role in ensuring the financial stability and success of the company by effectively managing its accounts payable processes. Ellis has been a part of The Fountayne Group for almost as long as anyone else, and come rain or shine, she is first in, every day. Accounts payment is a fundamental part of property management, and Ellis tackles her role with steely focus. Ellis balances the seriousness of her role with a great and infectious sense of humour.
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