Residential Management

Our clients have a dedicated property manager, who is responsible for your flat management and liaison between you and your tenant. The relationship allows us to manage our clients’ bespoke requirements and meet both client and tenant expectations.

Where we also often manage the building as a whole, our team benefit from a complete 360 knowledge of your building both legally, structurally and financially.

Issues with a property can often be unpredictable but our broader knowledge means we can pre-empt matters and provide a seamless service which protects your income. We don’t just manage your tenants; we manage your property and our on boarding process sets the industry standard.


(Click here to download our Residential Brochure)

Our Residential Services include:

  • Deposit collection and management
  • Rent collection
  • Bills and account management
  • Credit Control ensuring rents are paid in a timely manner with procedures in place for non-payment & legal advice all under one roof
  • Regular Client account statements
  • Our regular communication with you, on your management and client accounts submitted to you monthly or quarterly, as per your agreement with us ensure no surprises.
  • You and your tenant have direct communication with your dedicated property manager and their team
  • We assess your needs on a quarterly or yearly basis depending on your agreement with us to ensure all parties are on the same page
  • Your tenants can contact your property manager at any time for any issues and are pre agreed
  • Our teams ensure change overs are as seamless as possible and fully vetted
  • Our terms on tenancy allow us required time to prepare and fill vacancies
  • Full property inspection on change overs
  • Our vetted contractors list means we can address any day-to-day maintenance matters within 48hours
  • All Section 8 & Section 21 processes
  • Our online portal allows access to your account and any matters at your fingertips
  • Our online client portal and out of hours service guarantees immediate attention 24/7
  • We maintain licensing, certification and legislative compliance for our company, contractors and our clients as a non-negotiable term of our management
  • Your property is inspected internally & externally on a periodic basis. The frequency of this is agreed in your management agreement with us also

We are just a click, an email or a phone call away.

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