Why Choose Us

  • The Fountayne Group pioneers a new direction in property management with its no-nonsense and direct approach to protecting the value of our clients' property assets through regular servicing, fluid communication, clarity of procedures, and a clear understanding of the confines of law as stipulated in their agreements.  Our teams can only truly accomplish this by having an in-depth knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of agreements and property law.
  • Our property managers maintain a friendly and straightforward approach to their obligations and endeavour to go above and beyond for each landlord and tenant.
  • We are driven to address the lack of clarity and understanding resulting from poor communication and industry jargon through digital content and in-person engagements allowing stakeholders to increase their knowledge and understanding of property concepts, laws, and best practices.
  • The Fountayne Group offers our clients turnover-increasing strategies that benefit both the landlord and tenants.
  • We act as a fair and equitable intermediary between landlord and tenant ensuring laws and contractual obligations are upheld, providing clarity and guidance when needed.

Our company promise

Excellent Communication

  • We listen to our Freeholders & leaseholders, Landlords & tenants.
  • We pride ourselves in our problem solving
  • We implement what is important and communicate efficiently, effectively and regularly with all stakeholders

Healthy Property Finances

  • We commit to meticulous financial management of our clients’ assets. Minimising lost revenue and ensuring all accounts are consistently up-to-date

Legal Compliance

  • Maintaining licensing, certification and legislative compliance for our company, our contractors and our clients’ assets is non-negotiable

Integrity & Transparency

  • Our commitment to integrity ensures accountability, honesty, transparency, fairness and ethical dealings with all stakeholders, at all times.

Proactive Management

  • Application of experience, extensive knowledge of each property and a client focused approach to property management in order to minimise risk to all stakeholders.

What We Do Differently

  • Our internal credit control and litigation departments remove increased costs and encumbrance of using external 3rd party service providers.
  • Surcharges or loadings are never added to 3rd party invoices, so savings are passed on to our clients.
  • We never sacrifice quality for the sake of cutting costs, nor do we waste money.
  • We provide value-adding content, services, and events for both Freeholders & Leaseholders, landlords & tenants.
  • We service thousands of properties across England efficiently and professionally.

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