The Fountayne Group has the knowledge required to assist you if you are considering establishing an RMC or have already done so. We provide a wealth of advice, including:

Management support

  • Our block management experience, extensive portfolio, and work with RMCs ensures that The Fountayne Group has the expertise to play whatever role and offer whatever services that your RMC requires.

Financial Guidance

  • Good cash flow management is essential for any RMC and requires careful planning. It is important to monitor inflows and outflows of money in order to avoid any potential difficulties.

Budget Assistance

  • Establishing a budget helps to identify income and expenditures, so that RMC decision makers can make informed choices about where money should be allocated.

Trusted Partners

  • Our extensive block management experience affords us not only experience, but a well-established list of vetted service providers that would ensure fair and reasonable expenses at all times for your block.


  • As The Fountayne Group is constantly up-to-date on proposed changes to legislation, we are able to counsel RMC boards and Directors to ensure that all actions are legal and compliant.

Communication plays an essential role in successful RMC support and we aim to show how much we value our clients by being involved whenever possible even though most of our work is done behind the scenes. Additionally, we offer a range of support and information online and through face-to-face contact.

Our RMC clients appreciate our professionalism, and understand the importance of being able to direct the management of their property through the support, expertise, and guidance of The Fountayne Group.

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