Property Manager Assistant (Blocks)

April, 2024

London, Greater London, United Kingdom

The role of the assistant is pivotal, acting as the central link between the Project Manager (PM) and their support office—including Credit Control and Accounts Payable—and senior management. It is essential to ensure that the support team promptly fulfils and actions requests made by the PM.

Salary £25k - £28k per annum 

Responsibilities include:

Managing the service sheets and scheduling for the portfolio, ensuring all services are accurately recorded on property files.

  • Overseeing the portfolio's maintenance log by recording entries, logging details, and following up with contractors for necessary repairs and work.
  • Reviewing each maintenance report with the property manager and scheduling Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) as recommended.
  • Assisting in preparing LPE1 packs for the PM and gathering supporting documents as needed.
  • Serving as the initial contact for leaseholders, addressing queries promptly and effectively.
  • Maintaining up-to-date property data, updating systems and files, and providing information upon request.
  • Ensuring all certificates and reports are current and properly filed.
  • Conducting property reviews to guarantee that maintenance, cleaning, and utilities are managed effectively and meet high standards.
  • Supporting the PM with Quarterly reports, Freeholder Statements, Site visit checklists, Budget letters, etc.
  • Following up on communications from property managers.
  • Organizing signage and hardcopy notices.
  • Performing various ad hoc administrative tasks.
  • Managing diaries and calendars on a daily basis.

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